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Your own SMS activation service,
developed by us, to save your money

Start receiving thousands of SMS without paying for them to third-party services

Use AofA SMS Service as an SMS activation service today at record low prices for 1 sms

Receive bulk SMS from TextNow numbers for any social networks

Full support will help you launch the service in the first days of purchase


Use the service in any software thanks to the external API SMS Activate

The price of the 1st SMS is less than 1 kopeck

A huge range of settings will allow you to customize the service for any task

What software does the
AofA SMS Service Software Package consist of?

TNManager - software designed for bulk account management TextNow

Includes such features as:

  • receiving sms
  • change passwords
  • checking session activity
  • sending sms
  • deleting dialogs

SMS Service - software that is a gateway between TNManager software and client software

This software provides several modes of operation as well as a huge range of settings for controlling incoming SMS and monitoring the service during the day.

How does the service work?

TNManager sends the number to SMS Service

SMS Service transfers the number to the Client Software

The client software makes a request from the social networks

Social the network sends SMS to the number

TNMaanger receives SMS and transmits it to SMS Service

SMS Service sends SMS to Client Software

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I have been using the service for almost a month. Yes, you need to dance a little with a tambourine. But there are many more advantages! On penetration tests, money does not go down the drain, spend only on proxies. For all the time, accounts have already received 50-60 messages, I register a little and after two or three days, since it is tight with regards (and I restore it periodically and I register). For cons ... dancing with a tambourine. But TP helped and there is no limit to happiness. Much better than buying a room in another service and then it goes into oblivion. In the future, I will attach a screen how many accounts have worked in total

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Client department:

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About the team:

AofA Group - A team of developers with extensive experience in the market for the production of software for automation of work in social networks.

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